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This irrigation technique gives a lot of advantages to human populations. It gives espacially more resilience, in other words a biger capacity to resist for local people to environment hazards.

Several ten of thousand trees have been planted in Senegal with this method.

These shafts are using in Sahel ( Africa) to plant mango, cashew or other trees. They can be use in market gardening with manioc, sweet pepper, etc.

To manage a plantation, it is essential to answer some questions...
Which precautions to plant successfully ?

Which advantages for local communities to use this technique ?

  1. More resilience : a guarantee stability and security.
  2. To save water and fertilizers :
    We save to 90% of water and nutriments during the irrigation stage (18 months).
  3. To produce :
    The trees grow faster and produce earlier and bigger as tree with traditionnal irrigation. A increase of production are able with this system.
  4. To plant efficiently :
    Trees are rapidly autonomous (18 months for mango) with deep roots that do well in dryness, insects attack, etc...
  5. To restore the cycle of water :
    The trees planted in large amount settle a microclimat which keeps water.
  6. To take care of the ecosystem:
    The CO2 is stocked with trees plantation and the desertification is decreased.
  7. To create job:
    New opportunities are offered to rural populations for news jobs. It reduces poverty and checks rural exodus offering a income farmers and last but no least reduces malnutrition increasing food availability.
  8. To cooperate and made aware of responsabilities:
    Farmers must dig a well, plant their trees, fence their plot and maintain their well for watering. They are responsible partner.

How to plan a plantation with the irrigation shaft ?

Before to order some shafts, it is important to answer to these questions :

Who is the land owner ?

Notes :
To plant trees with this technic, it's to plant for 20 years as low. It is essential to be the owner to profit from plantation fruits.

Which kind of soil is it ?

Notes :
Check if it is easy to dig a hole with a auger.
If the soil is packed, plough during the wet season and sow a annual crop with deap roots like maize. The soil would be looser next.
A motor auger can be used too.

Where is the nearest water place ?

Notes :
Even if a shaft need just 3 liter/ week, you must be sure to have enough to water your trees.

Which kind of climate is it ?

Notes :
The irrigation shaft is well fitted for dry tropical climate, but interesting results have been observed wet tropical climate.
This technologie be use in climate with a dry season (mediterranean, temperate and continental).

Which sort of plantation and how many trees will be planted ?

Notes :
The trees density or gardening plants depends on the kind of crop and plant variety

Who provides best-quality plants ?

Notes :
The quality of plant is very important. Seedlings of quality have straights and healthy roots and healthy leaves. It is easly possible to produce himself them with a bit of knowledge

Fruits trees need to be grafted

Notes :
Fruits trees must be grafted to have the desired variety. The grafting can be made by a competent arboriculturist or him-self with a adapted scion.

Who looks after the plantation ?

Notes :
The plot sould be fenced or watched to prevent animals to come feeding plants on.
The partnership between several cultivators allow to save time, energy and money.

Who will settle irrigation shafts ?

Notes :
You must to be to have precisely understood how to do ?
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