Trees are a major actor of our well-being on earth

Trees have an important role to play in the development of our societies.

CompoVerde proposes different technics of plantation.

Tree has a major part of the 21th century challenges as the restocking up of carbon, the agroforestry, the protection of the cycle of water, the production of raw material or well-being of human.

Tree participates in the green economy, which restores the earth and secures income to Man.

Man needs trees to live !

Plant efficiently

CompoVerde is principally specialized in trees planting with a method to grow more efficiently and more sustainably in regards with the challenges of 21th century.

  • Save so far 90% of water and fertilizers during the planting and the watering
  • Obtain plants are more resistant, sturdier and more productive
  • Simplify logistics and the maintenance
  • Preserve water and fertilizers resources and increase farmers income

CompoVerde provides too other techniques like mycorhization or composting to improve the growth.

Sustainable planting

Many gardener are used to planting large specimens in order to give them an instant effect.

In almost, and specially in windy sites, this is a mistake. Not only are these trees more expensive to obtain, they are also more difficult to establish. A tree planted out when small will usually establish much more easly and grow away more rapidly. Within a few year it will have overtaken the larger tree. It will also prove to be much more wind-firm in later years.

Plant a tree

CompoVerde provides effective techniques to grow like composting or mycorrhization which preserve environment by water and fertilizers saving, but too by recycling.

CompoVerde provide to plant trees with a sustainable method in other words to consider the roots development... a tree or a plant with strong roots will grow for long time...(indefinitely)
A sustainable planting has to consider climate changes with choosing best adapted spiecies.

Trees as one of sustainable responses

Trees planting is one of sustainable responses for the earth and is a simple way to restore the planet.
Indeed they represent a sustainable and effictive economic model, especially for living in society.
One of this model is the agroforestry, it means to join cultivation of trees and crops farming.

Restore the planet    

Discover the life in Syntropy 

Restore and cultivate the earth with  plant succession

Agenda Goestch

Discover the life in Syntropy 

Restore and cultivate the earth with  plant succession

Agenda Goestch