Restore the planet

Plantation of trees allows to restore our living conditions, which benefit to the society, to the environment and to the economy.

Planting trees to make agroforestry increase income for rural populations. So it provides work for rural populations and reduces rural exodus. Trees provide energy, food and materials.

Trees temper the climate, filter air, regulate the cycle of water as well clean up, fertilize soil and store  CO2 while their growth (...deforestation is responsible of 20% of emissions of CO2...)

CompoVerde participates in green economy, which restore the planet Earth and secure income to Man.
Trees produce renewable materials using in several fields.


Trees have positive effects on the society

Trees planting rises the feeling of well-being, decrease the rate of crime and the feeling of nervous breakdown.
It allows to keep the link between Man and Nature in city.
Moreover it increases real estate value decreasing noise, pollution and enriching environnment (sens, biodiversity, fruits, landscape, etc...)

Planting trees and agroforestry increase income for rural populations. So it provides work for rural populations and reduces rural exodus. Indeed trees provide energy (heating and fuel), healthy food for local or international market and materials (wood, raw material for industry).

A practical sahelian area, trees planting (mango, cashew, etc...) provide a abundant harvest and a very opportune subsistence.
Surplus crop can be sold, that increase income for local population. Rural exodus can be slow down.

In Senegal where several ten thousands fruits trees have been planted, we can see farmers selling their mango along the roads...

The geo-intelligence helping the planet

Climate, water, soil and trees are interdepent: replanting trees, we act on the three other components.

Tree planting is a simple method of geo-intelligence to recreate degraded balance of nature. We can stock carbon in soils. Rains come back and climate is more temperate.

It aims to restore balance of ecosystems. 

Restore the cycle of water

Rains are going down in several countries because of deforestation. In fact next to a forest, climate are more moist and cooler because plants transpiration. Plants regulate water in retaining rain.

The cycle of water can be restored in preserving forests and natural environment.

The New-York state has decided to manage his water arresting basin doing a organic farming and managing durably forest, instead of new sewerage plants more expensive.
For example, trees use over fertilizers due to agricuture present deeply in soil with their roots.


Fit to climate changes

Climatic disturbances will have different effect according to region, but some of factors will affect trees:

  • Increase of average temperatures, deep rooting must be promoted to protected tree against high temperatures.
  • Increase of dryness, trees with wide rooty web resist better
  • Increase of strong rains, so roots favor water seeping in soil
  • Storm higher frequency, trees must have stronger roots.

In all case, we will have to face with more extreme climatique events.

Deep roots are life insurance for tree in case of dryness

Restore soil

Third of arable soils have been deserted because of desertification and erosion

This lands can be restored in trees replanting. With Man, desert can turn green again and atmospheric carbon can be stocked again. So useless lands today can have a positive effect on the planet Earth and Man.

It takes nature 500 years to produce 25 mm of top soil. So soil need to be protected from erosion with vegetation.

Since 40 years, a third of arable soils have been deserted because of desertification and erosion, more 6 millions kilometer square (10 times France area).

This lands can be restored with this system in trees replanting. With Man, desert can turn green again and atmospheric carbon can be stocked again. It permits to recreate biodiversity, but too to stop erosion and to have more humidity locally.

Restore biodiversity

Biodiversity is very important in natural ecosystemes. Replanting differents members of trees in privileging native species will restore local biodiversity.

Reduce air pollution

Planting trees allows to improve air quality with particles filtering particulary in city, but yet stop particle in link with human activies or climate events.

Reduce water and fertilizers waste

Using water and fertilizers more efficient in farming is a crucial stake for future of humanity.

Fresh water becomes rarer and is often badly used, under old climate, a hudge amount is lost by evapotranspiration. Moreover fertilizers are expensive and pollute environment.

We can make market gardening without waste of water and fertilizer using irrigation shaft.

We use only 3 liters of water by week and by shaft. It's very efficient, because loss by evapotranspiration is negligible, because water goes directly inside the ground.

Fertilizer are put directly in tank in same time as watering.
Compoverde underlines on compost unsing and to do crops rotation as weel shaft are fixed.

Trees planting with irrigation shafts saves water as well fertilizer during watering, but next this method provide autonomus trees which use water and minerals present in deep soil.