Sale and use terms for the material sold by CompoVerde

Use terms

  1. The buyer must follow the instructions for the use of the irrigation shaft by CompoVerde ( .
  2. If the buyer doesn't undertsand of if he has questions, the buyer can contact CompoVerde before to order some material.
  3. The buyer carries the responsability for using correctly the material.

Guarantee of results

  1. The buyer is conscient that different factors can influence the growth of vascular plants.
  2. CompoVerde isn't in any case responsible of the success of a plantation with irrigation shaft or of a correct use of the irrigation shaft.

Sale conditions

  1. CompoVerde guarantee the planting material sent by CompoVerde is in accordance with the order of the buyer.
  2. The buyer pays in advance the order.
  3. The buyer can benefit by a contract fixing the conditions for regular orders.
  4. CompoVerde sends by email a proforma invoice which includes the price of equipment, sending and administrative cost to export.
  5. The buyer pays, if need be, import taxes in the country of destination, at the receipt of the order.
  6. CompoVerde return only the equipment under exceptional circumstances.
  7. CompoVerde return only the undamaged equipment.
  8. CompoVerde reimburse only the price of equipment if it is correctly sent.
  9. The sending costs are carried by the buyer.
  10. CompoVerde rembourse le prix de matériel s'il est correctement renvoyé, etc...
  11. If the equipment has a default, the buyer send a email to with pictures and precise informations about th default. CompoVerde send free if need be the new equipment.

Payment terms

  1. The sending will be done when the payment has been completed on bank account of CompoVerde.

Sending terms

  1. The buyer can choose the type of sending. By default, CompoVerde choose the economic rates with the post.
  2. CompoVerde is not responsible for damages or loss of the package during the sending. The buyer must contact the swiss post which provide the service.The buyer can ask a insurance for the package.