The best technology for reducing emissions: Trees

Submitted by Kate Langford on February 9, 2015

Not surprisingly, researchers have concluded that trees are the most effective technology for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reversing global warming.

An article in Bloomberg Business reports that scientists from Oxford University have spent a year investigating other ‘Negative Emissions Technologies’ (NETs) such as capturing emissions from factories and power stations, extracting carbon dioxide directly from the air and adding lime to oceans to increase their absorption of carbon dioxide.

Planting trees (afforestation) and biochar were found to be low-cost, have fewer uncertainties and offer other benefits to the environment compared to other NETs.

The scientists have suggested that post 2050 other NETs may have more potential and investments should still be made in them in case they are needed.

Scientists Seeking to Save World Find Best Technology Is Trees


3rd European Agroforestry Conference 23–25 May 2016, Montpellier, France

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Updates on Agroforestry Policies across Europe
Plenary sessions on the latest findings in agroforestry research in Europe
Dedicated workshop to Agroforestry and climate change, virtual experiments in Agroforestry.
Field visits to the oldest experimental site in Europe with a continuous monitoring since tree plantation