Mycorrhizae is a symbiosis between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant.
Mycorrhiza is a major compound of a living soil. Indeed the plant profites from the mycorrhizal network which provides efficiently water and nutrients, whereas plant provides carbon matters.
95% of the vascular plants form symbiosis like that.
Mycorrhiza are implicated in the most complexe ecosystem as the tropical rainforest, which grows and evolves often on unproductive soils.
Their mycelium forms networks which influence the function of ecosystems.


  • Improve mineral income of plant
  • Protect roots system against different agressions
  • Stumulate the making antibiotic compounds making
  • Increase tolerance to limestone, to heavy metals or to drough stress
  • Increase growth for plant
  • Increase the rate of seedlings recovery

Important notes:

Mycorrhizae aim to decrease the growth of roots, because plant doesn't need to explore the soil, it's the fungus network which provides water and nutrients,

So mycorrhizae can be consider to be natural fertilizer.

Warning too much fertilizers put at disadvantage mycorrhizae.
If you need some fertilizers, be careful with use.

Mycorrhizae are divided into serveral types :

  • Ectomycorrhizas arbuscular
  • Endomycorrhizas
  • Ericoidmycorrhizas
  • Ectendomycorrhizas